Best air purifier reviews – What to consider while buying one

Selecting the right air purifier can be quite a tough job as there are a number of aspects that should be considered while buying one. A good air purifier outmatches others in its category by its design and distinguishable features. An air purifier should not only be capable of filtering the air from germs and pollutants but should also purify the air from bad smell and odor. Most air purifiers, nowadays, are technologically advanced providing the best user friendly options for easy operation as well as compact in order to accommodate in any available space, small or large. In the last few years, the demand of air purifiers has gone off the charts owing to the sudden increase in the level of air pollution. Let us now consider best rated air purifier on various technological aspects that should be considered while buying an air purifier:

1. Accommodation: A good purifier is one which can accommodate itself in any place provided. It includes a lot of build aspects from dimensions to weight of the air purifier. Also more the sleekness of the device, more installation options are available to the user. Accommodation is thus a very essential feature which helps in selecting the right purifier for your home or office

2. Fan: A fan is a major requirement for an air purifier as it sucks the air in order to filter it. The number of fans determines the strength of the air purifier and how efficient it might be while performing its task. A survey has suggested that purifiers without fans do not work properly in comparison to ones comprising of fans.


3. Filters: The number of filters and their quality is perhaps the most important feature for considering the best air purifier reviews on filtration efficiency of the purifier. The best and the most popular air purifiers consist of three or four filters each performing a specific purification task. While pre-filters remove large impurities, HEPA or high-efficiency particulate absorption filters remove the particulate impurities of size as small as 0.3 microns. Some air purifiers have carbon filters for purifying foul smell.

4. Energy consumption: Can it be imagined that an air purifier consumes energy equal to that consumed by a light bulb? Well most purifiers have proved this along with sum even consuming less. It means that you can run the air purifier all day long without even worrying about the electricity bill and thus lead a healthy and sound life.


5. Impurities removed: The best air purifiers, as this website write, are equally based on the amount and type of impurities removed by the air purifier which is its sole aim. While dust and large impurities are common contaminants that are removed, efficient air purifiers are capable of removing harmful bacteria and allergens from the air. Even bad odor is removed by some purifiers through the use of carbon filters. There are certain air purifiers in the market that allows the user to use customizable filters for removing other impurities that are not generally removed by the purifier, for example any organic waste.


6. CADR: The Clean Air Delivery Rate or CADR determines the compatibility of the air purifier with your room space in which it would be installed. CADR is an important feature to consider before buying an air purifier to check whether a certain purifier is capable enough to filter impurities from the air in the designated space. Generally, higher the CADR, higher is the efficiency of the air purifier.


7. Noise levels: No one likes a device that makes too much noise. If an air purifier while reducing air pollution inadvertently creates noise pollution, then it is of no use and would prove quite a headache. While most purifiers produce some white noise, some are built such brilliantly that they have almost no noise. The noise level (in decibels) should be checked on the purifier specifications and compared with others in the same category before purchasing. Nowadays air purifiers even have noise hiding technologies to offer the user a peaceful sleep.

8. Additional upgrades: There might arrive a situation when almost all the major features of similar air purifiers may seem equally considerable. Then the best outperforms the rest in terms of additional feature upgrades. A dedicated sleep mode or a purity indicator mode or an automatic impurity sensing feature might be what you were expecting in the air purifier.


  1. With air purifiers in your home, you may be certain you and your loved people are inhaling outdoors. Clean air that is free of germs and allergens makes it possible to lead a stress-free life and in addition has long-term health benefits for the whole family.

  2. Thank you, I was looking for a purifier to help with my asthma

  3. Can it fight against eczema?

    • Air purifiers can actually help if dust or environmental or seasonal allergies are one of the eczema triggers.

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